AFC Services: Heartland Homes of Duluth, LLC (Duluth MN) and New Journeys (Forest lake Mn) is a corporate Adult Foster Care that provide services for adults with complex emotional needs.

ILS Services: Heartland Hones of Duluth, LLC (Duluth MN) and New Journeys (forest lake Mn) provide in Independent Living Skills Training to individuals who live on their own.

Certifications: Heartland Homes of Duluth, llc continues to meet county/DHS standards with Mental Health Certification. Our employees are trained at orientation and annually. The certification was given to companies as an extra option, not mandated.

Our Program:

  • Small family orientated business- clients are well known by both behavioral aids/specialists and administration employees.
  • Supports and Outcomes: We strongly agree with DHS and the emphasis on using supports and outcomes for the clients. Additionally, we provide canteen money to purchase personal needs items in our canteen store, or additional 1:1 staffing when client’s goals have been achieved.
  • Person Centered Planning- All clients will help create their service plans and goals. Our goal is to identify and support what is important to the person as well as what is important for the person.
  • Trained Employees: all employees are thoroughly trained meeting all of DHS standards.
  • Daily Activities: We schedule 2-3 activities daily, which includes transportation.
  • Pets: Service dogs are acceptable.

About Us:

License Holders, Jennifer Klaas and Sarah Niehaus are lifelong residents of Minnesota. We have been operating since October, 2006 and provide AFC services to male and female adults. We currently have four homes in Duluth and one in Forest lake. In 2017 we added an additional ILS services for clients who live on their own.

Heartland Homes of Duluth LLC (St. Louis County) and New Journeys (Washington County). We provide services and care for high functioning adults who are diagnosed with a mental illness or traumatic brain injury. Our mission is to focus on a person-centered approach, establish mutual respect, and provide a safe environment.